Water Pump

Tools: Maya, Substance Painter

This model was created as part of an art study for a steampunk project I was working on. It was one of the first assets I made for the project, because I knew that I wanted farming to be at the center of everything. I was playing a lot of Stardew Valley at the time and wanted to get something basic going, so I began with a source of water. I went for super exaggerated proportions, opting to model out all of the large bolts and screws and adding long, expanding tapers to everything. The goal was to forego normals for this style and just model any large, blocky details manually. I experimented with several different colors for this model. After conferring with some friends, I decided on yellow; red gave it to much likeness to a fire hydrant, and we were afraid that the green and blue would get lost among the sea of farm plants.





Mesh at 1,876 triangles.



This model references a single material comprised of the following 1024 x 1024 textures: