Silver SUMo

Made with Unity 5


Primary Role: Creative Director | Secondary Role: 2D Artist

Project Duration: 09/21/2017 - 12/7/2017

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Villainous is a side-scrolling 2D action game where the player assumes the role of Killian, a warlock seeking vengeance against irritating townsfolk and their arrogant, gallant knight commander, Thadeus. The player uses the power of Killian’s magic crystals, which he recovers by defeating bosses, to advance through the levels and defeat the heroic townsfolk, and their wonderful reign of peace.



At the time that we were working on this project, I was just learning Illustrator, and decided that it would be an amazing tool to crank out all of these characters within our limited timeframe.

Our main character, Killian.


We opted to use sprite atlases to build the characters and animate them using Unity’s paper mannequin system. Some of our teammates thought about doing traditional animation at the beginning, but after myself and the environment artist chanted “24,000 frames of animation” seven times, everyone realized that was, unfortunately, out of budget.


Tile Sheets

To allow our small team of level designers to quickly build and edit the game worlds, we made sure that all of our tile assets were modular. I built several atlas sheets of props and buildings for them to make use of.




In addition to most of the characters and a large portion of the backgrounds, I also created this poster.