Custom Art Watermark: Underdise

I created this watermark for a friend of mine that expressed interest in being able to brand her work. She works primarily as a digital painter, so I offered to do this piece of vector work for her. I wanted to keep the concept very direct, and not so flashy that it would draw any attention away from the work it was printed on.

At the center of the design is a tablet pen, core to the work that she does, and from it, a large flow of light blue ink is spilling. I wanted it to be uniquely identifiable to her, so being that the first letter of her handle is a U, I created the ink spill in that shape.

You can view a complete breakdown of my design reasoning and the elements of this piece at the bottom of this page.

Underdise is an incredibly talented character artist that is capable of working in multiple styles, and she has experience making detailed character breakdown sheets. You can check out her work here!


Since this is a watermark intended to be used to brand all of her artwork, the design needed to be readable against both dark and light backgrounds, as shown below:

Watermark on black.

Watermark on white.


I created this breakdown chart to explain my reasoning and the decisions that I made in designing this particular piece.