The Gorgon

Tools: Maya, Substance Painter, Illustrator, Photoshop

This super custom submachine gun is for a character I was designing, and if somehow wasn’t aparent, this guy’s got a thing for snakes. The Gorgon is a heavily modified Varnhal Tactical Stormbreaker Submachine Gun. The character has modified the weapon to include a custom liquid cooling system welded to the bottom of the weapon that cycles a form of electonic coolant around the barrel, preventing overheating and cookoff. This allows for the use of massive 80 round 9mm magazines that are certain to make swiss cheese of anything in his path. Being an artist, his custom weapon also features a custom outer shell with handmade art.





Low Poly at 14,901 triangles.

Low Poly at 14,901 triangles.

High Poly at 775,771 triangles.

High Poly at 775,771 triangles.



This model references a single 4K material made in Substance Painter.



I created this custom decal in Photoshop specifically for this weapon, to best match the style and color palette of the character using it. I opted for using marker brushes, because the intent was to make it appear as if the character had created the decal themselves.


The Varnhal tactical logo seen here was featured on the Gorgon and was originally created for use in my Combat Knife model. When I make objects, I like to ground them in the world that they exist in, and one of the ways I like to do that is with manufacturers. Specifically, when you have multiple items appear made by the same manufacturer, it begins to solidify to the player that this company does, in fact, exist in this world. The logo is the initials of the company, but with the T as a sword cutting through the V to create a simple but recognizable icon.