Steampunk Stove

Tools: Maya, Substance Painter

I made this scary little stove as part of an art test for a steampunk game. It's part of a small little collection of cute, slightly terrifying, slightly anthropomorphic contraptions. I had created this style of black boiler plating on a previous model, and wanted to keep that going on this one. Since the shell was so dark, it was easy to make the other bits and bobs pop by giving them metallic brass finishes. I included two under-slung gas tanks, a heating element on the inside, and some very efficient heating racks made from a Frankenstein combination of planes. I think my favorite thing was the little heating tips I added to hold pots on top; you can tell that they’re supposed to be metal, but they also look like candy corn, which adds to that just-a-little-spooky vibe.





Mesh at 2164 triangles.



This model references a single material using the following 2K textures: