Tools: Maya, Substance Painter, Illustrator

Shipping Containers

I was working on a spaceship which is supposed to be able to carry cargo containers, and it occurred to me that I was about to have a “car before the wheel” scenario on my hands. I was seeking to avoid the issue of objects not fitting through the loading door, so before I went on to finish the ship, I wanted to knock these out. The container features unique legs that allow it to be anchored to the deck of cargo ships, preventing it from floating away in the absence or failure of artificial gravity. When retracted, the legs allow for security cables to pass down through the loops towards the top, facilitating the stacking of multiple containers and their anchorage to the ground.





2,980 triangles.



Each container references a single 2K material, each comprised of 5 textures.

Red Container

Blue Container


Custom Decals

I created these two logos on the fly to add some flavor to these containers. They are both meant to symbolize connections, with the Interstar Logo being more explicitly an interstellar design. The multiple converging stars could also be used to represent that Interstar is a Conglomerate, comprised of many parts.