Tools: Maya, Substance Painter, Illustrator

Portable Fusion Generator

I designed this generator while going on a spree of making generic, common use background objects. The personal project that I work on takes place in a dystopian sci-fi future where people are scattered across space, most of them in disorganized societies free of government and infrastructure. I felt that in a situation such as this, there would be a high need for portable form of power. I think the most difficult portion of making this model was actually deciding on a reasonable amount of power for this to generate; I spent a solid hour playing with power formulas and looking up power consumption of modern houses over time, and then tried to project that forward a few centuries.





Low Poly at 3,224 triangles.

High Poly at 16,922 triangles.



This model references a single 2K material.



I created this simple but effective display for this generator. The idea was to allow the user to monitor the fuel levels, heat, and energy output of the generator. In a nod back to older console displays, it contains the company’s name, as well as the model number of the generator across the bottom.