Tools: Maya, Substance Painter, Illustrator


I like trains.

I designed this train with the intent of functioning on a very, very cold planet, and thus wanted it to have its own self contained reactor. I also wanted to stress how exposed to the elements this train has been, so I included a great deal of paint scarring and metal fatigue into the texturing process. It has a massive turbine intake on the front to assist with reactor cooling, and several nodes for ventilation and water replacement towards the front. I also made a bunch of custom decals that I used at various locations on the surface. The CT on the front plate of the train was meant to stand for “Cargo Transport”, but the plate itself is admittedly a nod to one of my favorite classic anime films Galaxy Express 999.





Mesh at 9,422 triangles.



This model references four unique materials that can be viewed below:

Painted Shell

(2048 x 2048)


(2048 x 2048)


(2048 x 2048)


(1024 x 1024)



I designed this custom logo to to print on the side of the train. In the context of the narrative, Stormhold is an enormous mining, docking, and freight facility constructed over an excavation pit atop a mountaintop. It gets its name from being the only large, freestanding structure holding out against the endless blizzards that plague the planet it is installed upon, and for its reputation of being an impregnable fortress by the few inhabitants. I wanted this icon to be able to immediately identify this facility, so it features the tower standing above the pit, as well as a single snowflake at the center as a callback to its environment.

I also designed the other three signs (pictured below) to use at various points across the train. Being a nuclear vehicle, several of them make mention of or call attention to possible radiation hazards.