Tools: Maya, Substance Painter, Illustrator

When I design content for games, I like to consider all of the little details that help ground an item in reality, and then I try to apply those details to make imaginary objects feel real to the user. In the case of this item, I wanted to to blend in with a modern day counter-top appliance but still provide the sense that it was something from the future. To this end, I included some features that the user might find familiar, such as the little push-button lid on the top of the machine for loading water, which is reminiscent of my coffee maker. The exterior material was meant to resemble the kind of cheap non-BPA plastics that everything on my counter is made out of, which also works to ground it as something tangible. On the other hand, a screen and a scanner are out of place on current appliances, but, given the current direction and advancement of smart home technology, seems like a possible, logical progression for the near future.

Concept Art

Orthographic reference drawing of the Food Rehydrator used to create the final model.





Stellar Dynamics logo used on the Food Rehydrator. I wanted the design to be simple but easy to recognize. Stellar Dynamics is a fictional company that manufactures appliances and devices for use aboard starships and space stations, so I opted for a very literal interpretation of this using a sun and gear. The arcs around them can be interpreted both as a chain or an infinity symbol, representing the link between their machinery and its place of use, as well as their commitment to providing this technology well into the future.