First Aid Kit

Tools: Maya, Substance Painter, Illustrator

Doctor doctor! This one has been a fun project. I’m hoping to come back shortly and update this model to include medical supplies inside, but for now I’m comfortable showing off the shell. I made several custom decals for this to help ground it in the world. I was actually sitting here with a toolbox for most of the process as a reference point, so don’t ever doubt the power of an analog reference object. The inside and outside are separate meshes, so the closed version can be rendered as a pickup item with less intensity.





I always try to be efficient when modeling props that are commonly used. First Aid kits are an incredibly common prop in video games, and I wanted to provide the option to use it in an interactive manner while still allowing them to be placed in the environment “willy-nilly” without too much concern for performance. To this end, the interior was modeled separately from the exterior, and can be loaded without the extra geometry.

Open model, at 2,721 triangles.

Closed model, without interior at 1,334 triangles.



This model references a single 4K material comprised of the following textures:



First Aid Kits are often collaborative products, containing components from multiple manufacturers to supply the end user with the materials they need to respond in a hazardous situation. I wanted to bring a little bit of this into the model by including some of my own custom branding stickers to make it stand out! Two of these are companies, one is a warning to the user, and one is a certification label asserting that the First Aid Kit (and the products therein) have passed a standard to ensure that they are fit to handle their described purpose.