Reverse Combat Knife

Tools: Maya, Substance Painter, Illustrator

I made this as a quick model for a daily challenge on r/Daily3D. The topic was “knife” (I know, I went so far out of the box) and I realized that I hadn’t done any kind of blade weapon before. I immediately knew that I wanted to do something reverse handled, so that it could be used in close quarters, fast action scenarios. I drew a lot of inspiration from the chef’s knife I use everyday at home, modeling the curve of the blade in a similar fashion. My chef’s knife (unfortunately) doesn’t have a side covered in teeth, so I added those to help make it clear that this is meant for something a little more stressful than making chicken soup. I also wanted to give it a unique handle, and created this shimmering checkerboard pattern. I was inspired by hydro dipping, in which artists dip objects into layers of paint floating on water to completely coat an them in unique patterns.





Low Poly at 2,582 triangles.

Low Poly at 2,582 triangles.

High Poly at 58,374 triangles.

High Poly at 58,374 triangles.



This model references a single 2K material composed of the textures below.




I wanted to add an extra layer of personality to this knife, so I created this custom vector logo in Illustrator. I wanted it to be simple, but distinct. The logo is composed of the company’s initials, VT, with the letter T as a sword cutting through the center of the letter V.