I’m a 3D Artist from Tampa, Florida. As a child, I had a passion for sci-fi and fantasy, and grew up on the original Star Wars trilogy, which spurred my fascination for alternate worlds and realities. I got more and more into RPGs as a teenager and decided that I wanted to pursue game development and 3D art as a profession. I attended the University of Central Florida and received my Bachelor’s in Game Design in late 2018.

I’ve always loved stories, and writing has been a passion of mine just as long as art. For me, every item in a world has a story and exists for a reason; it has a creator, it was designed to fulfill a purpose, and has withstood the effects of time. Attention to these small details helps ground the player in the world, and bringing that level of detail into every asset is what excites me.

Not everyone can afford to have the Enterprise Bridge computer on their desk, and I always take this into account when I create models. I always strive to attain the best digital fidelity possible, but it is important to always consider the hardware limitations of the end user and model as efficiently as possible. A great game isn’t great if only five percent of your audience can run it, and a real-time render isn’t very useful if it can’t be rendered in real-time.

I’m always open to new projects and opportunities, so feel free to contact me and we’ll see what amazing things we can create together!


B.A. Digital Media: Game Design | University of Central Florida (2014-2018}