I’m primarily a 3D artist, but I’m also proficient with vector illustration and iconography, and I pretty good at picking up new skills to help where I’m most needed. I enjoy working in both realistic and stylized formats, and do my best to focus on the efficiency of my assets. I design everything with the knowledge that it will have to be rendered in real-time, and with that in mind, I always try to optimize for the sake of the fourth guy in the party running the game on low-settings so that he/she never get’s split from their friends by hardware.

In addition to art, I’ve also spent a great deal of time writing documentation and setting up organizational systems for teams that I’ve worked on. I love finding ways to increase efficiency and communication, and always strive to do so in a way that makes everyone feel included and valued.


B.A. Digital Media: Game Design | University of Central Florida (2014-2018}